As we raise the curtain on our 100th year . . .

The Colonial Performing Arts Center needs your help!

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Over the past two years, The Colonial has been transformed into a state-of-the-art campus for arts entertainment and discovery. Extensive renovations have provided greater accessibility for audiences and artists, as well as crucial backstage updates to help attract world-class performances. We also acquired and remodeled a second building, creating a wonderful new performance and event space for our community: SHOWROOM.

However, the COVID-19 pandemic had a profound impact on our Capital Campaign to fund these improvements, including 25-50% increases in the cost of almost all building materials. Now we have an urgent need to fill the financial gap created by COVID-19—a shortfall of approximately $1.6 million. We are asking our community to help us close this gap.

A thriving Colonial Performing Arts Center makes for a thriving Monadnock Region, pumping $4.5 million into our local economy each year. For area businesses, support helps create an attractive community conducive to employee recruiting. For local citizens, support helps provide top-notch performances, as well as youth, cultural, and educational programming.

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The Next Act Capital Campaign – Setting the stage for the next 100 years

The Challenges
Our programming had been restricted by the physical limitations of a theatre that was originally designed for vaudeville productions and film.

  • Production and technological demands in 2021 were dramatically different than they were 98 years ago.
  • Accessibility and comfort of our patrons and performers was of increasing concern as The Colonial competed with other performing arts and entertainment centers to attract the best artists and to expand our audience base.

The Solution

Working with local architects Dan Scully and Weller & Michal we transformed The Colonial Theatre into a world-class Performing Arts Center offering expanded opportunities and greater accessibility to performers, audiences and students.

When our vision was realized in early 2022 renovations and enhancements allow us to serve an additional 10,000 clients, making the total traffic to the historical theatre in excess of 60,000 patrons annually — and greatly enhancing the cultural appeal of the Monadnock Region.

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Our Renovations Include:

  • Spacious lobby, ticketing and concession areas that offer a comfortable, welcoming experience for all patrons, with ADA accessibility throughout.
  • Larger, ADA compliant restrooms in the main lobby and new restrooms on the second level.
  • Crucial enhancements to our stage and backstage area, including the incorporation of new rigging and staging technologies, creation of an artist lounge area and new, contemporary dressing rooms .
  • Increased energy efficiency with all new primary heating and air conditioning systems, replacement of exterior windows and doors, and LED source lighting upgrades.
  • SHOWROOM — an intimate, flexible space, tailored for emerging artists, local performers, educational programming, and most importantly, artists who appeal to a younger demographic.