About Us

Thanks to you, our members and patrons, we continue our tradition of nearly a century, presenting and enjoying the world’s best touring performing artists right here in our community. Whether it is providing a stage for singers that inspire, evenings that take us down memory lane, physical performances that make jaws drop, or the sly wit of a comedian, perhaps the most important part of what happens here is sharing those experiences together.

Membership allows us to continue to provide those experiences for us to share, and to help the next generation of audiences experience the thrill of live performance. As we all know, the only constant is change; to that end, you can expect to see even more shows added to our lineup over the course of the season. The best way to stay in the loop is to become a Colonial member; when you join or renew your membership, you get first notice of new performances and first access to tickets (before they go on sale to the public).

As the leading performing arts center for our region, we are proud to serve you and thank you for your support.


Alec Doyle
Executive Director