The Colonial Theatre to screen “Hidden in Plain Sight”

The Colonial Theatre and the Hundred Nights Shelter are co-hosting a FREE screening of  local filmmaker Greg Pregent’s film “Hidden in Plain Sight” at 7:00 on Thursday, April 13. There will be a panel discussion following the film.

“Hidden in Plain Sight: Homeless in Keene, NH” is a 35 minute documentary film produced in 2016. It features the stories of nine homeless individuals and the staff and volunteers at Hundred Nights Shelter and the single men’s and woman’s shelter in Keene, NH. In this film, you will meet a wide range of homeless individuals from young women with children to older single men who have been homeless for years and struggle to get back on their feet to improve their lives. Each homeless person was asked a series of ten questions, highlighting the diversity of circumstances that led them to their current situation.  Leaders, workers and volunteers of the three shelters shared their experience and reflected on how homelessness in Keene may be diminished.

This film doesn’t try to get at the root or solve homelessness in Keene, but rather strives to instill in viewers a sense of compassion and empathy for homeless individuals who only want to improve their lives and be self-sufficient.

The event is free and open to the public. There will be an opportunity to make donations in support of the Hundred Nights Shelter.


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