The Colonial Featured in Business Monadnock magazine

businessmonadnockThe Colonial is featured in the May 2016 issue of Business Monadnock magazine — and our very own Executive Director, Alec Doyle, is on the cover! In a special section titled “Businesses Over 30” profiling local businesses that have had lasting success, Doyle talks about The Colonial’s role in maintaining the vitality and vibrancy of the arts in the Monadnock region since 1924. “There’s no community you can find anywhere that has a strong business base that doesn’t also have a strong arts base,” he says. “Any community that’s vibrant and attracts businesses and families who want to work, live and play there is always going to have a strong arts base at its core.”

Doyle also cites several key factors that he believes are directly related to The Colonial’s longevity, including the creativity of the theatre’s small staff, the variety of programming the theatre offers for children and adults, and a distinct awareness of the need to stay current and be responsive to audiences and their needs. “Today, audience expectations are different,” says Doyle. “We’re talking about ways to create an experience before and after an event — that’s what people are yearning for. We need to do it while not losing the character that people really value by coming to an establishment like The Colonial.”

Read the full article here.

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